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Sela Group SRL, since 1972, produces baby cars and games for amusement parks and is today the undisputed leader in this Industry sector. 

The company was born from the will of the two founding partners, Gerardo and Donato De Carlo, two young cousins who, with great tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit, decided to follow a dream and enter the innovative and still unexplored sector of battery-powered baby cars. Today the company is run by the second generation of the De Carlo family by preserving the same enthusiasm and spirit of the founders. 

The Sela Group SRL products are made to measure by the customer and can be customized to the smallest detail and so are the tracks for baby cars or bumper boats, whether permanent or removable. 

In fact, the design and construction take place according to the specific needs of each park in terms of space and theme, always keeping safety in the forefront.

Our main customers are:

Family fun centres * Amusement areas for shopping centres * Amusement areas for Hotels * Large and small amusement parks * Touristic villages * Theme park

Davide Guadagnin
+39 0543 796623
SELA GROUP S.R.L., Via Masetti, 46, 47122 Forlì, Italy
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Jumbo A112 - Mini Bumper Car Jumbo A112 - Mini Bumper Car
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Sela Bumper Boats Sela Bumper Boats
SELA GROUP original idea of making a bumper track on water has stood the test of time. With th...
Sela Small Cars Sela Small Cars
The baby cars are designed for children between 3 to 6 years. They have high safety stan...
Sela Medium Cars Sela Medium Cars
The medium cars are suitable for ages between 5 and 12 years. This age group love the challeng...
Sela Large Cars Sela Large Cars
The vehicles are big in structure, with 2 seats side by side, and performance. They are suitab...