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API WATER FUN is the first choice for leading public leisure and adventure pools, water parks, hotel and resort facilities, aquariums and zoos, as well as maritime and military training centres.

In keeping with the overall planning and the available budget, API WATER FUN integrates innovative water attractions with unique entertainment and high interactivity. Original designs enhance the individuality and attractiveness.

API WATER FUN ensures implementation to the highest safety standards and optimal operating and maintenance requirements even during the planning phase.

The realization phase begins with the careful selection of suitable materials and components to ensure the longevity of our water attractions. The professional assembly and commissioning, including the training of the operating personne,l as well as the long-term support of our plants under a maintenance contract - complete the offer of API WATER FUN.

+49 (661) 250 330
API Water Fun, Neuenberger Straße 26, D - 36041, Fulda
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