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Cash Support BV , founded in 2015, has it’s origin based in the Arcade and Casino industries management systems and cash and currency handling , since the early 90 ties .

The owner and founder gained his experience by connecting thousands of slot machines in the Dutch Arcade market and till today more than 95% of all Dutch slot machines are connected to that system

Now the time is there to bring to the market a new generation Casino Redemption Terminal, in order to use a self service machine for all cash transaction based on Smartcards or Ticket system.

The New CTM-ONE will be the first product for this market, and developed from a technical users perspective and of course at the users side most easy to operate.

Erik De Kat
+31 6345 96200
Cash Support BV , Van Heekstraat 27c, NL 3125-BN Schiedam, The Netherlands
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