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PSL Assemblies Ltd are manufacturers of bespoke semiconductor stack assemblies and engineered thermal products for all power electronic applications. 

In-house design and manufacture of all types of specialist heatsinks - including high-density bonded-fin heatsinks, extruded-profile heatsinks and liquid-cooled plates up to 1200mm x 750mm footprint.

Semiconductor stack assembly includes the manufacture of bespoke Rectifier, Inverter, IGBT Chopper, and Static Transfer Switch sub-assemblies. PSL Assemblies Ltd is also the UK agent for ICAR and Itelcond capacitors, and we supply gate drives, laminated bus-bars and complex power stacks upon request.

+44 (0)1582 676800
PSL Assemblies, PSL House, Eastern Avenue, Dunstable, LU5 4JY, UK
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