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Linz Electric SPA., specialised in the production of alternators and rotating welders, was founded in 2002 under the guidance of engineer Giulio Pedrollo and quickly became a major player in the sector.

Part of the Pedrollo Group, the company aims to create original and innovative solutions in energy transformation, thanks to the ten years’ experience of its designers and to an advanced, and largely automated, production process.

The technological and aesthetical quality of the products and quality of services, both pre and after-sales, offered by Linz Electric SPA. is the end result of constant investment in R&D and in staff training. These strategies are considered vital to compete internationally and guarantee the company’s professionalism and reliability.

Focussing on the customer, original solutions, management ethics and the continuous search for solutions that enable sustainable development are our founding principles with a view to creating winning products, conquer new markets and affirm the image of quality, seriousness and flexibility that distinguishes us in the sector.

+39 045 763 92 01
Viale del Lavoro, 30 - 37040 Arcole, ITALY
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