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Fincantieri is one of the world's largest shipbuilding groups and number one by diversification and presence in all high value-added market sectors, having built more than 7,000 vessels in over 230 years of its maritime history.
Fincantieri is a world leader in cruise ship construction and a reference player in other sectors, from naval vessels to cruise ferries, from mega-yachts to special high value-added vessels, from ship repairs and conversions to offshore vessels.
Headquartered in Trieste, Italy, the Group has approximately 21,600 employees, 21 shipyards in 4 continents.
The strategic Business Unit “Mechanical Systems and Components” has been designing and building steam turbines to the highest technical standards for over a century, based on modular construction systems to optimize the efficiency for specific project requirements. Fincantieri steam turbines reliability and design flexibility have allowed their application both for industrial purposes either power generation or mechanical drive (power plants; oil refineries; petrochemical and waste treatment plants; sugar and paper mills) and in the marine field (ship propulsion and turbo-generators).
Fully DESIGNED and BUILT in Italy in Riva Trigoso, Fincantieri Steam Turbines combine high efficiency, reliability and quality. Steam turbine production range includes multi-stage/single and multi-valve backpressure or condensing types with or without controlled/uncontrolled steam extractions.
Machines are available for power output up to 50,000 kW with steam inlet conditions of up to 125 bar/540°C and rotational speeds from 3,000 rpm to 13,000 rpm.

After Sales Services : Revamping - Refitting - Refurbishing - Efficiency Increase - Reverse Engineering - Maintenance Plans -Long Term Service Agreements

Fincantieri provides its Customers with the following services:

• Predictive maintenance
• Preventive maintenance
• Corrective activities
• Diagnostic analysis
• Endoscopic inspection.
• Remote monitoring
• STG revamping to optimize the efficiency
• Power plant redesign for thermal cycle improvement
• Components or Turbine replacements
• Control and monitoring system upgrade.

Our maintenance plans are diversified and tailor made according to our customer requirements and each plants necessity.

This approach guarantees the maximum availability and reliability of turbine/groups, matching our customers requirements.

Customer satisfaction is achieved predictive inspections and scheduled maintenance activities improvements on turbines and auxiliaries, allowing to minimize machine shutdown times and unexpected failures, plus maximizing the effect of cost/benefit.

+39 01854831
Via Erasmo Piaggio, 161 - 16037 Riva Trigoso, Genova, Italy
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