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The kitchens, bars, plant rooms, waste and storage areas are critical monitoring points to prevent rats & mice, ants and cockroaches. With a proactive planned maintenance and a thorough inspection service, a pest free environment can be achieved and maintained.

One of the most resurgent pests of the last few years is Bed Bugs. They can cause trauma for your Clients and it is vital that when suspected, a thorough inspection is carried out to rigorously check for signs of infestation. If present we will prescribe the best method for eradication.

A part of your 'due diligence' policy on Bed Bugs needs to be Staff training and periodic inspections, so that your staff can provide early detection to help prevent infestations becoming established.

Pestokill will advise on monitoring, detection and prevention systems.

Modern fly units have been designed to be placed in front of house as well as food production areas. The latest technology is used to attract flies and to produce UVA light for maximum effectiveness.

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