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SB International is a Swedish company that is globally known as a premier supplier of reliable interactive kiddie rides. All manufacturing is made in Sweden and since 1980 we have delivered top quality miniature vehicles of different kinds. Vehicles that are interactive and fun, but also gives that extra dimension of pride in doing something for real. Many of our customers take this one step further building it into an educational theme like the “Children’s Driving School”.

Driven towards the future by developing new concepts and ideas that are useful for the target group and reliable in operation.

Among our customers, we have large amusement parks like LEGOLAND globally, Universal Studios Japan and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, but also small seasonal facilities that are open for a few months during the summer. The primary target age are children 4-11 years, and our products are usually among the most popular within this group. We deliver cars, trucks, tractors, racing cars, boats and mini excavators with the common element that each unit is operated by the child.

With the exception of the mini digger all our products are battery operated and we offer the exceptional battery capacity of 8-10 hours. For almost all parks this means a full day of operation without recharging.

Petter Lindh
+46 (0)36 375030
SB International, Verktygsvagen 1, SE-55302, Jonkoping, SWEDEN
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