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Metallbau Emmeln GmbH & Co. KG based in Haren Germany was founded in the year 1968 and has alway been involved in the development and manufacturing of amusement park equipment and rides.

Development, construction, manufacturing, sale and mounting are settled centrally in Metallbau Emmeln GmbH & Co. KG works in Haren. This kind of organization guarantees our customers that we are able to offer professional competent service at any time and in any situation.

Following the Metallbau Emmeln GmbH & Co. KG motto "Created to have fun" Our highly diversified production programme ranges from standard theme park products to technically sophisticated, the design of which can be personalised according to the customer's requirements.

Mr. Gunnar Vages
+49 (0)5932 7255 0
Metallbau Emmeln, Eichenstraße 58, 49733 Haren, Germany
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