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Cammegh, manufacturer of the world’s finest manual and automatic roulette wheels, lead the way in roulette wheel security and integrity while having an enviable worldwide reputation for continual research and development, outstanding customer service and engineering excellence. All Cammegh roulette wheels come with maintenance free for life bearings; with the option of a wide variety of veneers, Scallop separator rings, In-rim reader heads, single and double zero rotors, engraved turrets and bespoke custom design that can be matched to the graphics on the pin sharp Cammegh Billboard displays. 

The Cammegh Billboard display comes with HD graphics that enable custom designs, live TV streams, and game results to be shown seamlessly and can be integrated with Cammegh and 3rd party products. Cammegh’s remote camera reader, the Eyeball can monitor game events and results, the Eyeball allows game data to be streamed through the Billboard display and further analysed using the wheel analysis packed called PitBoss HQ. 

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Andrew Cammegh
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+44 (0)1233 820771
Old Surrenden Manor, Bethersden, Ashford, Kent, TN26 3DL, UK
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