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The MEI CASHFLOW SC Series functionality has been enhanced with the introduction of a Bunch Note Feeder (BNF). Retailers can deposit and secure cash more efficiently ? placing a bundle of up to 30 notes into a BNF-equipped CASHFLOW SC Series? resulting in increased productivity and customer service. ?Our leadership in improving cash management has taken a very fast step forward,? said Tom Nugent, president ? Gaming and Retail. ?The BNF offers retail employees the time to spend on selling products and providing customer service by feeding multiple notes at a time in a hectic environment.? Equipping a CASHFLOW SC Series banknote acceptor with a BNF is a seamless transition. The module, equipped with a tray on which notes can be stacked, becomes an extension to a device that has set the standard for counting, validating and stacking notes quickly and securely. ?BNF is another milestone in a series of cash management improvements that are compelling retailers to review and invest in new technology,? said Dan Taylor, business development director ? cash management. ?MEI is very proud of our contribution to the ongoing progress that is generating a return on investment strong enough to justify precious capital expenditures. The benefits of BNF-enabled CASHFLOW SC Series directly translate to increased profitability.? The demand for banknote acceptors in retail has its roots in security. An ability to detect fraudulent notes and dramatically reduce cash handling minimizes operators? exposure to the criminal element. Increasing the speed in which cash transactions can occur, while maintaining previous security levels, has resonated with retailers. ?The combination of the economy ? which is driving increased reliance on cash, tighter security and a continuous search for efficiencies ? and product enhancements is making a compelling case to invest in kiosks and intelligent safes,? said Mr. Taylor. ?Today, every retailer is searching for the means to implement processes that empower employees to be faster and more efficient. We?re confident that a BNF-equipped CASHFLOW SC Series is critical component in the closed look cash management process that will deliver results.?