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When Casino Mazagan, part of the 5-star Mazagan Beach Resort in El Jadida, Morocco opened its doors to the public in November last year, the casino was assured of the best security possible for their slot machines and table games. Dutch supplier Casino Locking Systems- CLS - developed the complex locking plan for the entire casino and supplied all the locks, keys, cash trolleys and other equipment. Situated in El Jadida, 90 km south of Casablanca, Casino Mazagan is part of the prestigious 5-star Mazagan Beach Resort, the latest addition to the Kerzner Group. Casino Mazagan is the biggest casino in Northern Africa featuring a total of 410 slot machines and 60 table games. With seven different progressive jackpots, the casino offers entertainment and excitement to their customers, 7 days a week, almost around the clock. Players can become member of the prestigious Fariss Club® and the casino also houses an incredibly glamorous and luxurious VIP room. Hervé Boisteau, the casino's Slots Director, insisted on working with CLS, having known the company from previous projects in Crans Montana, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium. When the Casino Mazagan project started in 2008, Mr. Boisteau's choice for CLS was an obvious and easy one. Together with the International Development Manager of the Kerzner Group as well as the General Manager of Casino Mazagan, John Calvani, Mr. Boisteau was shown the entire product range of CLS and all three gentlemen were duly impressed by the quality of the CLS equipment. At the time, the budget for the comprehensive order was released and CLS received the go-ahead for this prestigious project. Mr. Boisteau comments: "It was a big advantage for us that CLS dealt with all the various machine suppliers with regards to the fitting of the locks. Novomatic, Atronic and SEGA pre-installed the locks during the production process of their slot machines, CLS installed the locks on the IGT machines in IGT's workshop in the Netherlands and the Aristocrat machines were equipped with the locks by CLS on site in El Jadida. The same is true for the table games as TCSJohnHuxley prepared the tables with the CLS/BiLock locks in such a way that CLS was able to finish the installation on site in no time. This cooperation between CLS and the gaming manufacturers saves so much time and money and provides added-value to the superior quality of the CLS products." One of the greatest CLS products are their BiLock locks with interchangeable core. The advantages of the BiLock locks are numerous. If for example a key is lost, it suffices to change the core without having to change the entire lock. Or if the casino wants to move their machines, the cores can be removed and the machines can be supplied with new ones at their new location. Novomatic was one of the first slot machine manufacturers that recognized the advantages of the BiLock locks and CLS and Novomatic have done several projects together in the past to the full satisfaction of their common customers. For the Casino Mazagan project, CLS even went a step further. During the production process of the locks, CLS provided a proposal for the casino?s locking plan. In discussion with Hervé Boisteau, the Live Gaming Manager, the Cashdesk Manager and the Security Manager, the locking plan was approved and CLS produced the keys and 4030 lock cores within a time frame of merely three weeks. The big advantage of a CLS locking plan is that the locking plan indicates exactly per key the authorization level of each single casino employee in such a way that each employee only holds one single key, exactly suited to his/her individual authorization level. In addition, a number of so-called 'sensitive keys' are added to the locking plan as task keys. Those keys are only used during for example the count, cash and tip box collection and bill clearance. If not used, they are safely stored away in addition to the locking system. The collection of stacker boxes as well as an additional five trolleys, each for 15 cash and tip boxes. The casino was so impressed by the quality of the trolleys that they ordered another two custom-made cage trolleys as well as some custom-made table float balance trolleys. And last but not least, in order to be able to manage all the keys, CLS supplied a large TRAKA electronic key cabinet that holds a maximum of 180 keys. This key cabinet is opened by means of a fingerprint reader. Each employee has an authorization for one or several keys and keys are only released according to the employee's authorization level. Sensitive keys can only be removed by cooperation of two employees. The daily key traffic can be supervised remotely via a network and software. Security staff can see when and by whom those keys were used. Hervé Boisteau says: "The system is incredibly user-friendly. My colleagues worked with this system for the first time and they were so positively surprised that the order for a second TRAKA cabinet is underway." He adds: "It is now the third time that I personally have worked with CLS. With the workload I had prior to opening the casino, I was more than happy that CLS did all the work for the locking system, the trolleys, key cabinet and the diverse other parts. For this type of work, one needs very specialized knowledge of the procedures of a casino. CLS not only has all this knowledge, but they also provide a lot of useful recommendations and take a heap of work off our hands during the installation process." And indeed, with more than 25 years of experience with this kind of system and having done hundreds of projects all over the world, CLS always find the right combination for any casino! If you are looking for locks, trolleys or other security equipment, please visit the CLS website: or simply click on the image opposite.