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GeneralTouch Technology Co. Ltd, has officially released RTL series Rear-Mount LCD touchmonitors. GT’s RTL series touchmonitors focus on a wide variety of markets including kiosk, retail, self-services, hosipitality, industrial, gaming/entertainment, and light office automation. The RTL series products are available in display sizes from 15’’ to 19’’ and include both serial and USB interface.

In accordance with the strict requirement of UL 60950 ball drop test, the RTL series products with SafeTouch touchscreen are optional perfect choices for places with high potential threats, e.g. kiosk, gaming & ticketing machine. With high clarity and transparence, the clear glass touchscreen reacts to touches of finger, even wearing gloves and any other soft stylus. The RTL series products are compliant with RoHS Directive and reach the highest industrial touchpoint density of 4096*4096 resolution.

The RTL series products feature a brilliant wide viewing angle panel to instantly grab and hold the users’ attention, whether they are checking out retail goods with a self-service kiosk or playing games in a casino or arcade. Because all mechanical parts are controlled by GT’s designs and toolings, GT's Rear-Mount monitors have a long-lasting product cycle—important for continuity through all stages of project rollouts and services.

Multiple mounting options, narrow borders, slim profile, SafeTouch and serial/USB touch interface add to the versatility of the RTL series. Worldwide agency approvals, cover the entire monitor that is designed, built and supported by GT.