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The first Digital Lifeware on-demand software system in a retail partner store is now live at BIG W’s store in the Sydney suburb of Winston Hills, with customers able to browse, click and burn a wide range of PC and Mac software via Fujifilm touchscreen kiosks, which are manufactured by NeoProducts.

The system creates a fully licensed disk and prints a super high quality cover and manual on the spot in minutes. These are put into a DVD case and the customer walks away with an original quality product. The catalogue has around 1,000 titles now, is always in stock and the system is very environmentally friendly. It significantly reduces the need for transportation, storage, real estate and wastage. Digital Lifeware is working with all its partners to further develop the system to include new publishers, ranges and formats, including platform games and movies.

The catalogue currently encompasses language, fun learning, games, multi-media, office software and tools. It has the widest range of language and educational games with over 100 languages available to learn. Customers select the titles they want on the touch screen kiosk; pay for them at the counter, and the Tribeka SoftWide on-demand platform produces the product boxed in a DVD case in minutes. The product is the same as the publisher’s original, and is fully licensed and warranted by the publisher. Customers can feel safe in the knowledge that they have a legitimate product that is theirs for life and can be re-loaded in the event of any computer problems or whenever they replace their computer.

Digital Lifeware developed the retail and customer systems and integrated them with SoftWide. Fujifilm Australia developed the kiosk technology with Neo and integrated it with the Digital Lifeware systems. Tribeka developed the SoftWide platform. Other global users of the SoftWide platform include Carrefour, the second largest retailer in the world, and Microsoft.

Managing Director, Digital Lifeware, Rhett Sampson said: "We are very pleased to be working with BIG W and Fujifilm Australia to provide the best possible retail content shopping experience for their customers. They join some of the biggest and most innovative retailers and software publishers in the world in using our on demand systems to revolutionise the retail content shopping experience."

General Manager (Hardgoods) at BIG W, Charles Davey, said: "The Digital Lifeware on demand system from Fujifilm allows us to carry a wider range of software than ever before. We don’t have to manage inventory and we are always in stock. Customers can come to BIG W confident that they can find the widest range, always in stock, every day."

General Manager, Imaging Networks, at Fujifilm, Paul Rogers, said: "The Digital Lifeware on demand system combines the expertise and experience of Fujifilm Australia and Digital Lifeware in bringing innovative, quality solutions to retail."

This is just the latest example of NeoProducts designing and manufacturing a kiosk to meet a particular need and helping our customers achieve advances through innovation.