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Gaelco, in its commitment with research and development of new products and to offer to our costumers the most advanced technology, presents its new release, the Radikal Darts® Dart Machine.
Radikal Darts® is the result of years of hard work, constant improvement and a permanent focus on to achieve a Dart Machine able to open new game dimensions to the players, whether habitual or new ones and, of course, to the operators.
That’s why Radikal Darts® presentstechnological novelties never before achieved and we can proudly say that nowadays, there is not any product like Radikal Darts® in the market.
If we speak ofhardware, we can easily see how our Dart Machine presents a 17” TFT Screen with a television quality, display, vandal free and user friendly keyboard, 2 cameras, a laser that accurately measures the right thrown distance, card reader for players and operators identification and, of course, an Internet connection.
But is in its software where Radikal Darts® presents unparallel improvements and excels as the most advanced Dart Machine of the market.
Thanks to its strategically located built-in cameras and to a super develop software, Radikal Darts® allows to play in ON LINE mode, in real time and seeing constantly the opponent, its throws and results. With that, Radikal Darts® opens a whole universe of game possibilities and competition formulas. It means that a player located, for instance in Japan, can play in real time while seeing its opponent located in Spain or any other country.
The other revolutionary advance is the Remote Refereeing System® or RRS. The system records the games, the actual thrown and the player as well as the impact on the target, the system also invalidates the throw if the player surpasses the laser line.
The images are sent through Internet to the operator’s database who, calmly, can visualize the games anytime from any Internet connection and validate or invalidatethe results. So it allows that the teams and players taking part in a league can play anytime they want to, being possible to play in any premises and to forget about all the paperwork involving leagues and tournaments. All the information, once the operator validates the results, are sent through Internet to the machines so the players can see the classifications, marks, results, etc…
Currently, some leagues and tournaments are on in Spain and Portugal using this system and the results are spectacular, it has been demonstrated that it increases in three times the habitual collections of any other dart machine.
The system allows the operator to create and manage all the information related to the dart machine. The player’s profile, the PPD, MPD or ratings, the classifications, creation and follow up of any competition formula, automatic creation of calendars, etc…
The software also allows a big novelty, the management of advertisement and announcements. The operator can create commercials and sent them to the dart machine or announce tournaments or championship. This feature can be used to promote future competitions, advertise sponsors, stand out the name of winners, etc…
And, of course, Radikal Darts® includes the most popular games and its variations as x01, Cricket, Shanghais, Tic Tac Toe, Burma Road, etc…and all with great variety of novel and attractive sounds effects and graphics.
All in all, a new Gaelco product with the common characteristics of our brand. Quality, innovation and the highest technology.
The future of Darts Machines has come. Radikal Darts® has been born.
The Revolution is here.