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Last year Suzo entered into a new strategic partnership with PTI of the USA. PTI manufacture the Trilogy banknote reader. This stackerless unit has since created its own market. There are a combination of reasons for this. Firstly, the product
quality and flexibility have proven themselves. For example, at the Surexpo in Poland last year, Suzo won the award of best foreign product, this being the Trilogy. The Trilogy is simple to programme (via PC or a configuration card) and has integrated self-calibration; so never needs to be calibrated by the customer.
Furthermore, its security features, for example against strimming, have made this a reliable unit. Naturally a great product can only be sold if the price is right. And that certainly is with the Trilogy. These factors, combined with Suzo’s strength in depth have made the Trilogy a successful new product.
Suzo is proud to introduce the new stacker version of the Trilogy banknote acceptor to the market. The Trilogy stacker has a lockable / removable stacker that holds up to 500 notes. The stacker version is truly European, accepting notes up to 85 mm, which is a must for the UK market. It offers the same benefits as the stackerless version, for example the protocols (pulse, parallel, cctalk, binary, USB).
“The Trilogy stacker was one of the highlights on the Suzo Happ stand in London. Again we at Suzo focus on bringing innovations to the market. This is sour strategic goal and makes us stand out in the market place”, commented Suzo’s MD, Marcel Oelen.

Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales for Europe
(+44) 208 391 7700
Unit D2 Longmead Business Park, Felstead Rd, Epsom, Surrey - KT19 9QG, United Kingdom
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