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SUZOHAPP offers multiple monitor brands including:

VisionPro™ – SUZOHAPP’s own brand

High Quality, Fast Customization, Economically Priced

Standard sizes from 15” to 43”

Fast customization for OEMs and upgrades: 6.2” to 90”, custom metal, specialized panels, customized touchscreens, customized inputs

Outdoor options – please inquire

Top panel manufacturers, high quality boards

DVI, VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort are available in various combinations

LED options for surrounding the display in color

PCAP and SCAP touch technology options or matching tempered glass

Elo Touch Solutions – Distributed globally by SUZOHAPP

World-Class Quality, Global Approvals and Support

Sizes from 10″ to 27“, plus 32” to 70” options

Elo manufactured PCAP touch technology

HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort standard

Global agency approvals

50K hour MTBF, 3-year global warranty

Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales for Europe
(+44) 208 391 7700
Unit D2 Longmead Business Park, Felstead Rd, Epsom, Surrey - KT19 9QG, United Kingdom
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