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ZIERER see your satisfaction as our highest goal.

Entertainment is our business and quality our strength.

For many years the name of ZIERER has been standing worldwide for high-quality manufacture, low maintenance requirements and excellent customer support. ZIERER is proud to offer amusement rides for every taste, be it for families wanting to enjoy some fun together or thrill seekers looking for the ultimate kick.

ZIERER are constantly exploring new exciting and trendsetting technologies for existing and future rides. Our nearly 75 employees, who are experienced craftsmen, mechanical engineers, electricians, technicians and artists, provide customer support from design to commissioning to after-sales-services and beyond.

Marina Ernst-Weiderer
+49 (0) 991 9106 0
Josef-Wallner-Straße 5, 94469, Deggendorf, Germany
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Advanced Dark Ride System Advanced Dark Ride System
Available with many different variations, e.g. 8 vehicles with 5 scenes – single storey ope...
Roller Coasters Roller Coasters
Our Force Coaster series as well as Elevated Seating Coasters are available in many different lay...
Major Rides Major Rides
The Star Shape is a thrill and major ride tha twill fully impress your senses. It will be availe ...
Fun Rides Fun Rides
Zierer offer several Fun Rides for the whole family starting at the age of 3 years already to rid...
Carousels Carousels
Zierer offer several kinds of carousels for the whole family, starting from age 3 yrs. The Flyin...
Wave Swinger Carousel Wave Swinger Carousel
Zierer is the inventor of the famous Wave Swinger Carousel and sold more that 230 units already w...