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The journey of our Wattman Mini Express train started 20+ years ago. Many professionals consider it the best train on the market because of its elegant look and maneuverability. Moreover, investing in a Wattman train will last you for years. 

Our Wattman Mini Express train is a perfect fit for operations where space may be limited, such as Malls, Shopping Centers, Amusement Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Zoos, Amusement Rentals, City Parks, and many other locations.  

All Wattman trains are battery operated and environmentally friendly. Additionally, they are trackless which offers flexibility in where your train goes on its journey. 

The Mini Express Trackless Train can be operated indoors as well as outdoors. 

For more information on the Wattman Mini Express Train, please click HERE

Bart Giele
+31 (0)36 524 7656
Wattman World, Operetteweg 11, 1323 VJ Almere, The Netherlands,
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