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Indoor coasters from Vekoma Rides offer a specialty experience for the widest range of rider demographics of all manufacturers.  Vekoma is renowned for the creative design of indoor coasters as a result of the minimal ongoing maintenance requirements, low noise emissions, and the signature smoothness of the ride experience.  Working together with owners and architects to meet the high level of required accuracy of these projects, our in-house team of experienced and expert engineers are the right choice when looking for a partner in the creating these unique attractions.

Indoor coasters have been designed for Shopping Centers, Malls and Family Entertainment Centers offering owners and guests guaranteed fun in all weather conditions for teenagers as well as small children needing parental overview.

In addition to the option of using a standard design, you can show us your structure or building design and we will create the perfect indoor coaster, customized to your specific needs and requirements.

Peter van Bilsen / Charlotte van Etten
+31 (0)475 409 222
Vekoma Rides, Schaapweg 18, 6063 BA Vlodrop, The Netherlands
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