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Vekoma Rides is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of roller coasters & attractions and a market leader in the industry. Known for its quality and innovation as reflected in the many installed family & thrill coasters and special attractions. Every year millions of people across the globe are delighted and thrilled by the Vekoma coasters and attractions. With in-house disciplines from Sales, R&D, Engineering, Production, Project Management to Parts & Services, Vekoma Rides has gained a world-wide recognition with presence in over 50 countries. With its headquarters in The Netherlands and presence in different countries around the world, we are easily accessible to our customers anywhere in the globe.

Coasters for everyone

Vekoma Rides has a large variety of coasters and attractions. Whether you prefer a sit-down, suspended, flying or launch coaster, standard or custom layout, we can prepare and present every single detail during the project. In addition we will incorporate your storyline into a fantastic coaster design.

Family coasters

Our family coasters are successful proven designs offering a smooth and fun ride experience, ensuring a bright smile on everyone’s face! These easy-going and loveable rides thrill children, but also teens, parents and grandparents really enjoy our rides.

Thrill and Mega coasters

Fun, excitement, dangling feet and happy guests will brighten your park when your guests experience our thrill coasters such as the Flying Coasters, Launch coasters & Mega Coasters.

Indoor coasters

More and more amusement parks, FECs and shopping malls choose for custom designs, something exciting and different.

From track layout to train design, we offer a large variety of custom designed coasters fully integrated into your facility. Our engineers work closely with the owner to realize a fun and exciting coaster within the limits of the often complicated building structures, making optimal use of the space.

Attractions and Specialties

Not just coasters, also several spectacular attractions and specialties are designed and manufactured by Vekoma Rides and its partners. Whichever site or location you have, almost everything is possible. We are ready to take on the challenge.

It’s all about our customers!

The cooperation with the client is the most valued by our team. Our customers’ opinion is very important to us and we are ready to build your dream.

Parts & Services

Through our highly trained and qualified staff, we offer our customers after-sales service in the broadest sense of the word. We offer spare parts, maintenance check-up programs, rehabs and customized service contracts, so that reliability and availability are maintained to the highest level, providing our customers the best guarantee on their investments.

We also provide ride specific training on site for our customer’s engineers and operators. Our team of experienced staff offers a 24-hour service.


Safety is our top priority! Vekoma Rides controls the quality and safety of the design, production and installation processes of all its rides.

Quality Assurance and Certification

Vekoma Rides is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. This standard provides requirements for a Quality Management System that assists Vekoma Rides to continuously improve all processes to meet the requirements of all interested parties.

Qualified staff

Employees working in our factory are highly qualified and adequately trained for the job. Especially the welding groups (IWE/IWT) are under continuous surveillance by internal and external authorities to ensure the best quality in welding according to ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090-1 EXC4.

Peter van Bilsen / Carin Davits
+31 (0) 475 409 222
Vekoma Rides, Schaapweg 18, 6063 BA Vlodrop, The Netherlands
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