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Junior Flume Ride is a water course with modular, sectional flume construction. Trunk shaped small boats for 3 kids or a 2 children and an adult are propelled by the water pumped along the channels. The flume has also a lift to offer a mini splash getting the children enthusiast! The Junior Flume ride features modular elements to provide adjustable layouts so:

the shape of the circuit is not determined, it is a modular ring composed by straight and curved parts so you can play with the shape agreeing with us the one you like;

for longer circuits, some extra elements have to be quoted according to the length of the circuit should because of additional pumps and water depurator but their extra cost it’s a minimum percentage of this investment;

the hill can be made of 2.5 meter height;

The estimated capacity can be over 300 passengers/hour because you can load a boat of 2 or 3 passengers at least every 30 seconds.

The coloured PVC sheets on the basin sides are included in the supply. The turn key proposed size is a log flume ride size 29 m. x 9 m. inclusive of:
4 gondolas – 1 adult and 2 kids or 2 adults
Hill up and down – max lift 2,5 m.
Canvas on the sides of the water basins with automatic rings
High capacity water pumps for water movement
Water depurator
Accessories extra on demand: Straight element 2.5 m Curve radius 2,5 m Trunk shaped mini boat

(number of pumps and depurators must be considered according to course length)

+39 0425 89276
Via dell’Artigianato, 47, 45037, Melara. (RO), ITALY
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