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Get on and start riding by using your own muscles: Physical activity is the key and fun is guaranteed.

A wild mustang to gallop, a hopping rabbit or even a caterpillar for a fun ride: there are practically no limits to the individual theming of this attraction. Operation is child's play, intuitive and, above all, extremely entertaining. Because by pulling and pushing the hand levers, the vehicle moves forwards or backwards on the rails - depending on the impulse given to the vehicle by the rider.

Fun for yourself or in competition

The principle corresponds to a rail cart drive and therefore requires physical activity and some coordination. Whether you enjoy the fantastic ride on your own or compete against the parallel tracks is up to you.

Attractive and purely mechanic

The Sunrider is also a great gain for the park operator. The approximately 20m long and straight tracks are set up parallel - i.e. at least two, but of course more are also possible - on an even terrain. Since no power connection is required and the attraction is designed according to the EN 1176 standard for public playgrounds, it can be operated inexpensively and without supervision by the park operator. Battery-powered coin operation is optionally available, as are customer-specific themes and individual rail lengths.

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