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The combination of 2D or 3D image, motion impressions and additional special effects such as rain, heat, wind, water and seat vibration take the guest on an unbelievable journey. The integration of these effects – both visual and mechanical – provides an immersive experience in simulator attraction technology. 

A special FUNRIDE version is our FUNRIDE TR (FUNRIDE ON Track). Additionally to the 3-6 DOF motion system it moves through or into a dome theatre. 

Our FUNRIDE OCS (Open Cabin Simulator) is also available as Immersive Tunnel Attraction! 

In our FUNRIDE CCS (Closed Cabin Simulators) guest enter a themed closed cabin with projection screens and feel like walking into another world. 

-2D or 3D projection

-3-6 DOF motion platforms

-FUNRIDE CCS for 2 – 50 visitors, flexible themed cabin according to customer requirements

-FUNRIDE OCS for 20 – 100 visitors, also as Immersive Tunnel Attraction

-Seats or standing option


+49 (0)5307 2039 400
Hermann-Blenk-Str.52, D-38108, Braunschweig
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