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Are You Ready to Dive into the depths of the Ocean with Stingray Waterslide

Inspired by one of the most mesmerizing designs of nature, Stingray offers its users a sensational experience.

This new signature slide by Polin Waterparks is ready to be introduced world-wide.

With its unique spirit, it promises to provide the experience of diving deep down into the depths of an exciting underwater world.

Designed with an intrinsic theme, the high-capacity Stingray will become the main attraction of the waterpark!

Showcasing the experience of Polin’s unmatched state-of-the-art techniques, Stingray is an asset for the amusement park industry.

More Experience, More Satisfaction!
What makes Stingray even more unique is the dazzling water and sound show it offers. Guests will hear the sound of the Stingray’s wings, flying through water, as they spin inside the huge inner bowl. In the outer bowl, the guests will explore the dark and mysterious ocean with a sound and light show and then complete their amazing experience as they are quickly dispersed around the wings. This contrast in special effects further sets the experience of the two paths apart.

With its lights, sounds, multiple ride paths and the capabilities of Polin's state-of-the-art technology "u-texture", Stingray is the new main attraction of the amusement industry.

Sohret Pakis
+90 (262) 656 64 67 / 119
Polin Waterparks, Gebkim OSB, Refik Baydur 6, 41480, Dilovasi, Kocaeli, Turkey
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