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The all-inclusive "Crystal Waterworld Resort & Spa" will open with a variety of waterslides and a water-play structure

Guests of the soon-to-open Crystal Waterworld Resort and Spa in Belek, Antalya, Turkey, will have access to unlimited fun, along with unlimited food and drink, when the all-inclusive property opens at the end of May. The fun will be provided in the form of an outdoor waterpark featuring some of the most-thrilling aquatic attractions available and offered exclusively to the resort's guests.

Specifically, the property's waterpark will feature a King Cobra waterslide, along with a variety of other slides and a huge, themed water-play structure. All attractions are designed and being installed by Polin.

Ramazan Kaynakci, General Manager, Kristal Industrial, said that the resort's primary missions are to offer product variety and top quality, as well as experiences that are different than its rivals. King Cobra and the other rides help Crystal Water achieve that distinction.

The King Cobra waterslide is extraordinary in not only the entertainment it offers, but also in its overall looks," he said. "It is gorgeous, exhilarating and entertaining, all at the same time. We believe that the addition of this attraction to our resort is moving us to the next level in meeting our customers' interests and needs."

King Cobra offers one of the most intense riding experiences in the industry, as well as providing major visual impact and spectator appeal. Its core feature is its unique configuration that enables two double tubes to race through a circular path of twists, turns and surprises. The heart-pounding ride concludes after an adrenalin-spiking drop down the snake's belly as racers simultaneously plummet into its valley.

Other rides that the new five star 886-room resort will offer include:

SPACE BOAT. Engineered to combine the excitement of the Space Hole attraction with the thrill of the Black Hole, this ride allows for either single or double tubes. During the journey, guests first experience the surprise and visual harmony of the Black Hole. Next, they enter the the excitement of the Space Hole before ending their trip in a splash pool or an aqua catch.
TURBO LANCE. One of Polin's extreme slides, this attraction provides a rush of variety via different sliding paths. Riders first experience a steep drop before being propelled vertically uphill. They then experience a mind-blowing reverse route that takes them over a breathtaking rise before ending in a splash pool. The ride provides the best features of Polin's Flying Boats and Wave Slide.
BLACK HOLE. This enclosed tube slide is Polin's most popular ride due to its incredibly unique experience. With its Natural Light Effects technology, the slide provides riders with a unique, dramatic visual effect within the ride while they travel at high speeds through its exhilarating twists and turns.
RAFTING SLIDE. An open tube slide, this attraction's family-friendly design allows guests to ride together. With the same sections as Polin's Black Hole, it also allows guests to enjoy the experience of both an open and a tunnel slide in one aquatic attraction.
FLYING BOATS. Flying Boats are available in two configurations. One is a downhill ride, while the other is an uphill, rollercoaster-style ride. Both provide a bracing surprise drop before riders splash into the exit lanes.
AQUATOWER WATER-PLAY STRUCTURE. Tipping buckets, slides, net climbs and water cannons will make this feature the center of fun at Crystal Water World. Studies show that children learn best when allowed to actively explore in an environment that is fun and appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn. The Polin play structure maximizes these features with offerings in different sizes, colors and themes.
Other attractions at the new resort include an amphitheatre, garden, ballroom, steam bath, business center, fitness facility, Turkish bath, both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi, hookah bar, sauna, spa, private beach , cinema, mini golf, motorized water sports, canoes and an onsite doctor and beauty salon.

 This beach front property is close to both the city of Antalya (40 kilometers/24 miles) and the Antalya Airport (50 kilometers/31 miles). The resort and the park will be open on June 1st.

Sohret Pakis
+90 (262) 656 64 67 / 119
Polin Waterparks, Gebkim OSB, Refik Baydur 6, 41480, Dilovasi, Kocaeli, Turkey
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