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Quality, Dedication and Satisfaction for over 30 years.

Martin & Vleminckx is a recognized world leader in the design, manufacture, fabrication, and installation of traditional wooden roller coasters. The company also has an innovative and exciting attractions portfolio to serve the amusement park and recreational industry.

Martin & Vleminckx is the exclusive distributor of The Seasonal Group providing wonderful VR Rides and animatronic products to the U.S.A. and Canada.

Martin & Vleminckx built its great reputation on completing top quality work for amusement ride installation of all types and sizes worldwide. The company is also providing other services such as acceleration testing service, ride maintenance and attraction relocation for amusement and theme parks around the world.

Martin & Vleminckx is the company to contact for your new attraction projects as well as for installation, repair, and maintenance projects.

MVR, 1250 Rene Levesque Boulevard West, Suite 2200,Montreal, QC, Canada, H3B 4W8
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Case Studies

Jungle Trailblazer Wooden Roller Coaster - Wuhu Jungle Trailblazer Wooden Roller Coaster - Wuhu
This twister wooden roller coaster features a compact footprint, a 360 degree barrel roll, and...
Dueling Dragon Wooden Roller Coaster Dueling Dragon Wooden Roller Coaster
This massive racing and dueling roller coaster is the first to feature the "high five" element...
Jungle Trailblazer, Jinan, China Jungle Trailblazer, Jinan, China
This ride, at Fantawild Dreamland, features the first 360 degree barrel roll on a wood framed ...
Time Traveller Time Traveller
This awesome new wooden coaster thrills riders at Hot Go Park in Fushun, China. The tw...