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The biggest battle on every Level! Are you ready to enter the new and unique Battle Arena? During this battle, all gondolas move up and down between the three levels, at unexpected but pre-programmed intervals. Using a joystick in their gondola, visitors can rotate their gondola around its own axis.Targets have been placed in the scenery, on the ride’s arms and on the gondolas. Visitors discover new targets at each level and try to hit as many targets as they can in the scenery, on other gondolas and (optional) even in the queue to collect as many points as possible. ‘Bonus Targets’ are also dotted around; these targets are less visible and more difficult to hit, but give visitors additional points!

For more information on our Battle Arena - Please click HERE

Mark Beumers
+31 77 320 43 33
Lagotronics Projects bv, Noorderpoort 28, 5916 PJ, Venlo, Holland
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