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Holovis is a world leader in sensory experience design, creating themed Entertainment experiences that utilise next-generation technologies.

Specialising in creating immersive, experiential solutions Holovis can design, build, install and support the most complex and demanding requirements where world class solutions are required.

Holovis design and deliver memorable cost-effective solutions including using highly complex AV, virtual and mixed reality and interactive technologies to create unforgettable guest experiences. They combine their understanding for both technology and story-telling to create inspiring and exciting dark rides, media content and immersive attractions. 

Holovis work with the full range of visitor attractions, including the World’s leading Theme Parks, Museums, Science Centres and Family Entertainment Centres.

+44 (0)1455 553 924
Holovis, Jacknell Road, Hinckley, LE10 3BS
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