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WILD RAFT RIDE is pure action!

Your guests will enjoy the unique atmosphere of Wild Raft Ride's raging rapids. The water torrents are created as a result of the inherent nature of the water course’s construction, with waves being generated solely from intersections, slopes and obstacles. In imitation of the natural environment, the course uses no moving parts: our patented conveyor system, developed in-house, uses a continuously running chain-driven belt as a lifting device, and the boat-separator automatically times the start intervals. The conveyor belt moves at about 0.25 metres per second and consists of non-slip aluminum sheets with rubber inserts. Since the boarding system is extremely flexible (the boats are lifted out of the water), passengers can embark and disembark safely and easily. Thanks to low-level vessels, even wheelchair users can use the Wild Raft Ride without any risk.

Mr. Paul Sommer
+49 (0)7240 942550, Fax: +49 (0)7240
Rhein-Mosel-Straße 37, 56291 Laudert, Germany
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