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From simple onsite upgrades to complete ride refurbishments, whatever the problem, Garmendale have the refurb or upgrade solution. We have been in the business of ride refurbishment since our very early days and our immensely experienced team are always ready to go.

With a combination of highly specialised field engineers and fully equipped workshop team, Garmendale can refurbish and upgrade rides with the minimum of fuss and the

maximum of quality. You can rest assured that it will be done to the right standard and within your timeframe and to an agreed budget. 

Winter Ride Refurbishment

Winter is often a very busy time at Garmendale as our engineering teams descend on the parks and attractions across Europe and the World to begin major ride refurbishment programmes. It’s always one of our favourite times too as it generally brings in some of our most interesting and challenging work and when we arrive on site, we never quite know what we will find.

Three examples you may be familiar with.

  • Dragon Falls, Chessington World of Adventures Resort: One of our favourites was The Dragon Falls at Chessington which is a log flume style ride. The Garmendale team replaced most of the water trough and all of the spines underneath that supported it. Much of this needed to be dug out by hand and it was hard, dirty work. We loved almost every minute of it.
  • Rush, Thorpe Park: Another favourite was Rush at Thorpe Park. Possibly one of the tallest rides we have worked on (and for me, one of the scariest). Our work was in upgrading and improving the ride, to reduce maintenance and increase longevity and smoothness for riders.
  • The Scorpion Express: Winter also saw us transform the Rocky Mountain Ride to become the Scorpion Express. This involved replacing the platform, the themed background and a full refurbishment of the ride mechanism throughout. The end result was exceptional and again, it’s good for many more years of family fun.

Other Refurbishment Services

Boat Ride Refurbishment: Boats have been incredibly popular and over the years we have done literally hundreds of them. We normally get in as early as possible, lift them, transport them back to our UK Workshop and then refurb them on site. The advantage of being able to lift them and refurbish the boats back at our factory is nearly always speed. We can set them up in ideal conditions and the team fly through the work. A full refurb and upgrade can often be within a month or so after arrival on site.

Arms, Booms and Drive Plate Refurbishment: With any big ride (and lots of the smaller ones too) there is always work to be done. With the improvements in bearings and lubricants, we can often refurb a ride and make it operate even better than new.

Pirate Ship Refurbishment and Repair: Over recent years, Garmendale have become the go-to team for refurbishment and servicing work on the Pirate Ships from both Zamperla and Huss. Over recent years we have refurbished the Pirate Ship at Skegness Pleasure Beach and remanufactured the drive plate of the Black Buccaneer from Chessington as well as replace the hub of the Pirate Ship at West Midlands Safari Park.

The Benefits of a Refurbishment

Once we’ve finished the refurb, the ride will run better, last longer and need less ongoing maintenance than it did before. It's often built to a better spec than when new. So, the initial outlay is repaid many, many times over in years of lower running costs.

To speak to us about your own ride refurbishment or upgrade or any of our ride systems, please call us on +44(0)115 932 7082.

Kelvin Ensor, General Manager
+44 (0)115 932 7082
Garmendale, Dale Works, Manners Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 8EF UK
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