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Free Fall Tower Ride is the only attraction that generates real FALL in ZERO GRAVITY in absolutely safe conditions, thanks to PERMANENT MAGNETIC BRAKES technology. For this reason it is still a successful ride as we delivered more than 30 units in 16 different countries.

The passenger unit is lifted up to the top with steel cable winch, then released and pushed to the ground completely free. Special and very strong permanent mag-netic brakes provide an additional sensa-tion by decelerating the passengers at max. 5G.

Free Fall Tower Rides are extremely safe, since the braking system is always active and not controlled by any electric and/or elec-tronic device. Magnetic Brakes are provided by Intamin and built in Germany according to very high quality standards.

Fabbri Group, Via dell' Artigianato 198, 45030 Calto (RO) - ITALY
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