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The Xperience Mover with motion platform offers a unique ride experience with more opportunities for new ride concepts. It not only creates seamless synchronisation between media scenes and movement of the vehicle. It also produces intense movements to match these media scenes. You’ll be amazed by the enhanced movements of the body, the acceleration and turning speed as well as the pitching and rolling.

The trackless vehicle is extremely flexible in ride design with manoeuvres like splits and mergers, dead-end and reverse movements, roundabouts, crossings, etc. The trackbound vehicle is mechanically linked with a track enabling more dynamic speeds in travel direction and in terms of rotations.

In the standard lay-out the 6 passengers are seated in 2 rows of 3 guests each. Alternatively 4 passengers can occupy the vehicle in 2 rows of 2 guests each. For passenger safety and comfort a lap bar is available. The upper body can be made to customers’ specifications.

For more information on ETF Xperience Mover - Please click HERE.

Mr. Ruud Koppens
+31 (0)495-677 000
Randweg Zuid 11, Nederweert P.O. box 2703 6030 AA Nederweert, Holland
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