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Its a special Kiddie ride of sure effect that strikes both for the large size and for the movement of the seat. In fact, this car offers something different from the usual rocking or rolling movements of a normal kiddie ride : the seat moves by drawing a circle clockwise and anti clockwise, making full turns and half turns. The tour is accompanied by several cheerful music melodies combined with the synchronised choreography of LEDs. A safety belt has been installed incorporated in the seat and sensors placed in the platform that block the game in the event that someone tries to get on whilst wave patrol is in operation or otherwise comes close to the moving seat. In addition , the kiddie ride is equipped with a STOP button if necessary and a RESET button to resume the race without losing the game. The Wave Patrol is also equipped with wheels and a hook for towing to allow easy movement to a different location.

Mr Luca Della Rosa
+39 059 566106
Via A Boito 150, Soliera Mo, 41019, Italy
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