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Turn Around & Fly

m-Ride is Brogent's latest creation, a new compact flying theater. New show reveal design enables the gondolas to turn 180 degree. A maintenance-friendly and operational cost effective ride system, that offers an extraordinary flight experience.... 

New show reveal design enables the gondolas to turn 180 degree facing the giant dome screen after riders' boarding. Swing, pitch and yaw, these agile movements create unforgettable ride experiences.

Brogent's m-Ride features an electrical motion base with suspended seating. The simple and smart modular set-up of m-Ride provides the same maintenance-friendly and operation and operational cost-effective solution known from Brogent's other ride systems.

Swing, pitch and yaw make you fly!
Brogent's brand new 4DOF flying theater system combines heave, surge, pitch and yaw motions to simulate an unforgettable flying experience.

The turn around reveal
The show starts with a 180-degree turnaround of the seats which allows for a surprising reveal of the giant dome screen.

Panoramic views from every single seat
m-Ride's turn mechanism rotates the gondolas into the screen after boarding. Guests are surrounded by the projected image.

+886 7 537 2869
No.9, Fuxing 4th Road, Kaohsiung 806, Taiwan
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