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This is the second release of a new product line where leading technologies from Suzo-Happ and Heber are combined in a new series of products.
The Round Video Topper offers great flexibility to Game designers: any game which is based on a Video disc/wheel type of game such as Roulette, Lottery wheels, Clock-game etc is easy and cost effective to develop.
The unit is equipped with a Samsung 19 inch LCD E4   panel (wide viewing angle) that is elegantly designed in. It looks like the top of the monitor is round.
In the bottom section there are 2 windows where game features can be displayed or alternatively these windows can be blanked.
Choice of 2 different illumination effects, multi-colour through a translucent bezel or white LED’s through a (black) chromed bezel   in combination with customized video display technique a machine manufacturer can secure his personalization of the product .
The Round Video Topper is equipped with the Xtopper, a customized USB control-board designed for Suzo-Happ by Heber
By the use of this control board any game designer has a powerful tool to create an interactive game concept with special light-effects.
The Round Video Topper is ideal for OEM’s to upgrade existing machines in the market cost effective to a total new video game concept.
- Elegant design in robust ABS housing.
- Choice of 2 Different style illumination effects, multi colour behind translucent bezel or monochrome white LED’s through a black or bright chrome bezel.
-Equipped with 19 inch Samsung LCD E4 panel (wide viewing angle)
-Monitor adjustments are easy accessible.
-Powered by Xtopper a USB connected control board
-Additional windows to display extra game features, can be blanked.
-2 Power supplies on board, enough to control both LCD panel and illumination.
-Ventilation holes and optionally cooling fans.
- Easy to remove transparent dome for cleaning and maintenance.
adjustable mounting foot is included.

Tim Kennedy, Vice President of Sales for Europe
(+44) 208 391 7700
Unit D2 Longmead Business Park, Felstead Rd, Epsom, Surrey - KT19 9QG, United Kingdom
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