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I-line Outdoor II
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There is no problem with the wind, the weather or vandals because of the ingenious construction. The terminal is made up of satin stainless steel.
The material is impassibly and has a premium optical characteristic.
The base is prepared for a mounting underfoot. The cable entry point takes place by below.
The front door can be locked by a barrel-lock. The locking happens fourfold.
We have integrated a 17” LCD TFT Outdoor Display.
The transflectiv special display can be till five times brighter than a normal display because of light reflective stratums.
The optional touch screen with infrared technology consists of a safety glass and is resistant against splash water.
The climate control and the heating happens with two quality-aerator and two PTC heating element.
A protective circuit prevent the education of condensation water.
Claudia Dittler
+43 2627 82100 - 0
Fabrikstrasse 211, 2823 Pitten, Austria
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