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Price from 699 $

Place of Origin:Russia

• FOB Price : 100 per Set
• Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
• Packaging Detail:complete package
• Delivery Time:from 5 to 15 days
• Supplying Ability:1000 Set per Month
• Payment Type:T/T

Product Description
Our multifunction kiosks are ergonomically designed and can be easily integrated into any place due its smart creating shape. These devices with rugged steel frame are very elegant in any terrain. Moreover all of them have anti-corrosion powder coating, which provide high safety performances and carry waterproof, dustproof, and anti breaking functions also. Between the most important characteristics we can distinguish it’s long hours running, cost-effective, high precision, high stability, reliability and adaptable to environment.

Regarding of basic functions you can see the list of available operations which are:
• Retail/ ordering/ other payments.
• Account inquiry and transfers.
• Information access and internet.
• Ticketing/ card printing/photo.
• Pictures and ringtones download.
• Product information release.

About the optional functions, these innovative kiosks are accepts collection pay for utility bills, broadband fees, telephone. Also, you can easily exchange foreign currency and take invoices printing. Besides that available multi-media input/output and card issuing, personal authentication, attendance etc.

Basic configurations include the following features:
• Industrial or powerful regular PC.
• 15”, 17”, 19”, 22” or more TFT LCD screen, as well as SAW, Resistance, Infrared touch screen sensor.
• All stainless steel or aluminum made enclosure.
• Rugged metal keyboard or encrypted pin pad.
• Motorized or manual insert card rider for magnetic or IC cards.
• Dot matrix or thermal receipt printer with auto cutter.
• Multimedia speakers.

In addition to basic configurations, the components which are below in the list can be integrate into kiosk on individual requirement:
• Cash acceptor.
• Cash dispenser.
• Coin acceptor.
• Coin hopper.
• Passport and check reader.
• Finger and bar-code scanner.
• Thermal or A4 laser printer.
• Card printer.
• Card dispenser.
• Wireless connections – WIFI, GPRS, GSM.
• UPS.
• Telephone.
• Camera.
• Motion sensor.
• Air conditioner.

Any questions about product, price, samples required etc, please contact our sales department.

+7 (4712) 52-85-19
No. 29 Building, Druzhininskaya, Kursk, Russia. ZIP: 305001
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