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Charge Transfer Sensing
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Capacitive keys and touchscreens. Passionated by the Iphone / Itouch? Try our technology! 10.4" analogue projected capacitive touch screen Whoever is looking for a solid touch screen has come to the right place. For we have a new gem available: the analogue projected capacitive touch screen. It corresponds to our CTS (Charge Transfer Sensing) technology. This capacitive touch screen can be described as elegant, slim and smooth, as well as robust. It is very suitable for a great number of applications, from navigation systems, touch phones, public applications (kiosks), domotics, white goods, to applications for the medical sector, ... As regards hygiene it also offers a solution: on account of the touch screen not having any edges, the screen surface can be cleaned easily and dirt cannot stick to it. This is important for medical and kitchen applications, among others. In addition, the touch screen is described as the most versatile that can be found in the industry: ?a growing, promising trend towards touch screen technology, from mobile handsets to white goods?. All kinds of drawings can be made on the screen. It is suitable for use with gloves and it is easy in design. Also, it is supplied in a wide variety of screen sizes and types, currently till 10.4", and it ensures an accurate touch screen performance for 'small screen portable' devices like handsets, smartphones and portable media players, as well as for bigger screens for games, POS terminals and white goods. For designers, this analogue projected capacitive touch screen is also future-proof: it provides them with the possibility to change things afterwards with regard to design: the hardware should not be modified, new control possibilities solely occur by changing the software. The forms can vary enormously and have much less limitations than other touch screens; curved surfaces are possible, for example. The capacitive technology also allows to work with various overlays and supports multi-touch detection. Why choose the Clicktouch capacitive touch screen? Simple design Analogue operation Price is close to that of the analogue resistive touch screen Wide knowledge and experience Good support and service, project guidance from beginning to end Some technical data: Possibility to work with thick overlays: Glass, plastic polish, polycarbonate No need for calibration Supports multi-touch detection Easy assembly / fitting
Elien Blomme
+32 (0) 9 384 73 73
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