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Prepare for the day when you have to face a hydraulic breakdown or system problem. Time is essential and expensive! Gaining knowledge of fixing hydraulic systems is both difficult to find and time consuming. Fast track your learning by working through a series of actual hydraulic failures, each with an emphasis on:

  • find
  • fix
  • prevent

This book of hydraulic failures is written in a concise, waffle free format in order to appeal to the reader that has a basic knowledge of hydraulics and wishes to develop that knowledge quickly. This book will greatly assist those interested in furthering their knowledge of workplace hydraulics. Engineers, tradespersons, sales Engineers, design Engineers, apprentices, students and others will find this book invaluable in enhancing their knowledge.

Dave Howell has used his 56 years of hydraulic industry experience in compiling this book, enabling the reader to tap into his pool of knowledge. Dave has owned & run a hydraulics company for 42 years serving a wide range of industries.

The technical expertise of his company has, by reputation, brought in some tricky technical problems – often where others have failed to solve. These issues have, in turn, furthered knowledge within his company.

Many hydraulic circuits are found to be more complex than is necessary. Truly understanding the system may lead to simplifying – one outstanding example was when 11 valves were replaced with 3!

Please visit DG Howells website to order copies.