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Kings Heath Traincare Facility in Northampton is the first depot to receive midlife overhaul of its Depot Personnel Protection System (DDPS™), which was installed originally in 2006. 

The six road main shed and eight sidings roads have had their protection systems upgraded to the New Generation DPPSTM. Zonegreen’s latest system was designed to reflect many years of customer feedback resulting in it being more dynamic and intuitive than its predecessor. The New Generation DPPSTM utilises modern electronic which future proof the system and includes new remote diagnostic features which make the system easier to maintain, expanding the lifetime of the product. The new innovative software reduces the cabling and electrical component requirements making the system more resilient, and has been designed to make future modifications or expansions simple. 

The Depot Manager PC system has also been updated as part of the midlife overhaul. The new Depot Manager software offers advanced traceability, logging all actions on the DPPSTM, and provides easy to interpret data with increased analytical options. The upgrade also makes it possible to enable train movements remotely.

Further protection is provided to staff with the integration of the existing OLE interlocking system. The gantry gates, jacks, crane and lux lift are all interlocked with the OLE to prevent staff and third party equipment from coming into contact with live overhead lines. 

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