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SigTech Rail is run by signalling experts with many years experience. We are not salesmen, we are signalling, we understand what you want and more. Our management team not your standard office based workers with no knowledge on how railway signalling works. We have a proven track record of delivering signalling solutions for the rail renewals industry.

+44 (0)1303764344
The Mount, Barrow Hill,Sellinge, Ashford, Kent. TN25 6JQ
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Points Fitting Points Fitting
New projects requiring loose build up of Points Operating Equipment, usually require an inspec...
Signalling Installation Signalling Installation
Major projects, track renewals, ancillary support, all require signalling installation even if...
Mechanical Signalling Mechanical Signalling
Mechanical signalling is still widely in use across the UK. It all still requires maintaining ...
Signalling Testing Signalling Testing
SMTH and G110 are core to our works. With track renewals, testing to SMT and G110 standard cou...
Signalling Maintenance Signalling Maintenance
When assets are installed and commissioned, they still need to be checked and maintained. ...