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EvoTorque Battery Tool (EBT)

Power: our new, no maintenance motor, tested over hundreds of thousands of tightening cycles, is amongst the most powerful fitted to a cordless torque tool. This gives a benefit not only in speed but in thermal durability. The practical advantage of thermal durability is that, under the same conditions, a Norbar EBT will keep working when most competitors have overheated.

Accuracy: Norbar’s tool joins a small group of tools on the market to be transducer controlled rather than current controlled. Coupled with Norbar’s unique joint sensing software, this makes the EBT one of the most accurate torque tools available over a wide range of joint types. Even the transducer design is new to the market (patent applied for) and avoids a common problem. With most designs, dropping a tool can cause a permanent reading offset whereas ours is protected.

Data: data is King and the EBT allows both tightening and bolt audit data, up to 3,000 time and date stamped readings, to be gathered and output either by USB cable or Bluetooth® 4.0.

Safety: having considered and rejected the idea of a dual trigger arrangement to keep operator’s hands away from the reaction, Norbar’s solution is a “safe to start” button which needs to be pressed at the same time as the trigger.  Once the tool is running, the operator can relocate their hand securely to the supplied secondary handle (if attached).

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