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Framework to improve the resilience and capacity of the electricity transmission network. UK supports efforts to meet its net-zero commitments and decarbonization goals

Jacobs (NYSE :J) received the Design & Project Services Framework from National Grid, an energy utility in the U. K., to help them complete construction of the Electricity and Gas Transmission cycles.

Jacobs will offer feasibility and survey work, front-end conceptual, and detailed design services, as well as assurance, verification, and commissioning services. The framework includes 10 Lots that span all National Grid's Transmission portfolio. This includes overhead cables, substations and onshore cables. It also covers protection control & cybersecurity, high-voltage current (HVDC), protection controls & cyber, gas, civils as well as multi-disciplinary design services, design assurance, and project services.

Donald Morrison, Jacobs People & Places Solutions Senior vice president Europe and Digital Strategies, stated that these services "expand Jacobs' 15 year relationship with National Grid" and his continued commitment to challenging design rationales and driving programmatic and collaborative solution to maximize project efficiency. "We will use our global experience and transferable skills to develop, strengthen and accommodate new connections to U. K. Electricity and Gas Transmission System."

National Grid also has a variety of services provided by the Jacobs/Morrison Energy Services Joint Venture, (J1M), through its Electricity Transmission Engineering Procurement Construction Framework Substations Lot.

Jacobs provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions to offshore wind power development efforts, such as Germany's SuedLink Program. This is to meet increasing global demand for clean, affordable energy. Jacobs is also investigating the possibility of producing and supplying green hydrogen for RWE's Pembroke Power Station.