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TC41-SG Governor System
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Speed Governors

TC41-SG Governor System from Turbine Controls Ltd is an affordable alternative to full control system retrofi - Easy to install – Increased reliability – Programmable and configurable

The TC41-SG Governor System is designed to meet the requirements of Steam Turbine GOVERNING, for turbines in the range 0.5MW to 50MW. Typical application would be a steam turbine powered boiler feed pump. The processor, I/O modules, ¼ VGA screen and keypad are housed in a 3U high 19" rack subassembly. A wide range of input and output modules provides interface with plant devices and options for alternative or additional functionality. Obsolete and unreliable equipment is replaced with modern digital electronics having high reliability and accuracy and is an affordable alternative to a full control system retrofit. Communication facilities provide interface with other diagnostic and control equipment.

Chris Rees
+44 (0)116 2717248
52 Kenilworth Drive, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 5LG
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