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Pipe and Tank Inspection Robot Rental from Inspectahire – We offer a range of tethered tractors for inspecting Culverts, pipes and void spaces – they can carry CCTV, lasers, retrieval tools, or sonar – we have solutions for both dry and in water. Some of the instrumentation is ATEX certified so that hazardous areas can safely be inspected.

We also have magnetic crawlers which also mount cameras and Ultrasonic technology, so that metal thickness checks can be performed. Our technicians are qualified in NDT and Plant inspection so comprehensive surveys can be carried out.

Today, the types of robots which we use bear no resemblance to those 1980’s ideas. Robots have become an important weapon in the inspection armoury as they can quickly and safely access places which humans cannot and offer minimal disruption.

We use a range of robots to carry out inspections and remedial work in pipes, and surveys on tank walls and other sizeable structures. Please contact us for details on our pipe and tank inspection tractor rental service.

John Rennie
44 (0)1224 789692
Badentoy Road, Badentoy Business Park, Portlethen, Aberdeen, AB12 4YA
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