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Steam Vent Silencers
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The term vent silencer was derived simply for silencers used to attenuate noise produced by the expansion of Gas, Steam or Air at elevated temperatures to atmospheric pressure. Vent silencers serve a two fold purpose:

a. To reduce work place noise levels to a desired occupational limit

b. To reduce the intrusion of industrial noise into residential areas

The predominant use of the IMS range of Vent Silencer is within typical applications such as steam ejectors, steam and gas vents, process vents, turbine or compressor bypass systems and safety and relief valves.

Each enquiry for steam service should include the mass or volumetric flow rate of the product, the safety valve set pressure and the upstream temperature. Where gas or air is to be considered, the specific gravity of the gas is also required. To aid the selection process, notification of any mandatory noise levels at a specific distance is also essential.

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