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The DSE7310 is a powerful Auto Start Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single gen-set applications running on diesel or gas fuel. Monitoring an extensive number of engine parameters, the DSE7310 will display warnings, shutdown and engine status information on the back-lit LCD screen, illuminated LEDs, remote PC and via SMS text alerts (with external modem). The module is compatible with electronic (CAN) and non-electronic (magnetic pick-up/alternator sensing) engines and offers an extensive number of flexible inputs, outputs and extensive engine protections so the system can be easily adapted to meet the most demanding industry requirements.

The extensive list of features includes enhanced event and performance monitoring, remote communications, PLC functionality and dual mutual standby to reduce engine wear. The module can be easily configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software. Selected front panel editing is also available.

• 4-Line back-lit LCD text display
• Five key menu navigation
• Front panel editing with PIN protection
• Customisable status screens
• Power save mode
• Support for up to three remote display units
• 9 configurable inputs
• 8 configurable outputs
• Flexible sender inputs
• Configurable timers and alarms
• 3 configurable maintenance alarms
• Multiple date and time scheduler
• Configurable event log (250)
• CAN engine support
• Integral PLC editor
• Easy access diagnostic page
• CAN and Magnetic Pick-up/Alt. sensing
• Fuel usage monitor and low fuel alarms
• Charge alternator failure alarm
• Manual speed control (on compatible CAN engines)
• Manual fuel pump control
• Engine exerciser
• “Protections disabled” feature
• kW & kV Ar protection
• Reverse power (kW & kV Ar) protection
• LED and LCD alarm indication
• Power monitoring (kW h, kV Ar, kV A h, kV Ar h)
• Load switching (load shedding and dummy load outputs)
• Unbalanced load protection
• Independent Earth Fault trip
• True dual mutual standby with load balancing timer
• USB connectivity
• Backed up real time clock
• Fully configurable via DSE Configuration Suite PC software
• Configurable display languages
• Remote SCADA monitoring via DSE Configuration Suite PC software
• User selectable RS232 and RS485 communications
• Configurable Gencomm pages
• Advanced SMS messaging (additional external modem required)
• Start & stop capability via SMS messaging
• Additional display screens to help with modem diagnostics
•  Idle control for starting & stopping.
• DSENet® expansion compatible
•  Heated display option available

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