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MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine (the largest MWM genset) was launched in January 2012 following two years of continuous development. Optimized spark plugs and improved turbocharger technology have made electrical efficiency of up to 44.2% possible with an output of 3,333 to 4,300 kWe. Thanks to the superb operational experience gained with the predecessor versions, the running time before major overhaul has been increased from 64,000 to 80,000 operating hours.

Market demand
The basic customer requirement at the beginning of the project was for improved load response capability in the gensets with a simultaneous increase in electrical efficiency under full load. This led to the task of increasing the reserve boost pressure of the turbochargers under part load to enable higher load impacts and higher load shedding. It was however necessary to reduce losses at the throttle valve in continuous operation at 4,300kWe in order to achieve greater efficiency. At the same time, the gensets should have sufficient reserves at full load to absorb short-term fluctuations in temperature and gas quality without affecting the output.
Three key measures were derived from these requirements: to adapt the exhaust gas turbocharger, to modify the geometry of the MWM pre-chamber spark plugs and to introduce a multi variable controller to simultaneously regulate key actuators such as the throttle valve, gas mixer and wastegate.

The new version of the MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine with improved efficiency, higher load switching levels and 80,000 operating hours to major overhaul has been available to order and ship since January 2012.

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