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Elevon, understands that in recent years the wind industry has experienced accelerated growth and rapid improvement and innovation, creating challenges and opportunities for project logistics. In response to this change, a network of international businesses have come together to establish a dedicated, forward-looking company called Elevon to grow with the developing needs and expectations of clients. 

Elevon was conceived to focus exclusively on the wind industry. 

The pure play strategy allows Elevon to anticipate and respond quicker to clients needs, attract industry-specific talent, go ‘all-in’ in tailoring operations for wind project delivery, and make very specific investments that will serve specific client requirements in the wind industry. 

Elevon aims to elevate the performance of project logistics.

Ian LaPointe – CCO
+1 506 343 7527
Elevon, Risavika Havnering # 14, 4056 Tananger, Norway
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